About Me

For me photography is a place where I can capture life one moment at a time and feel the beauty of G-d's creation from within. Where I can listen and hear the silence, where I can see the unseen and touch the untouchable.

A little background

Growing up on 20 acres in a rural part of West Michigan and being homeschooled, provided me the perfect environment to learn photography. I started exploring the world of photography using my mom’s manual 35mm Canon back in 2003, and I haven’t stopped since. I was able to spend hour upon hour outside, wandering through forests and fields, capturing all things nature on film, learning standard technique, and building my own as well. My mom always critiqued my work and encouraged me to keep learning more no matter what. (No words can express how grateful I am to my family for always being there and pushing me to never give up.)

Over time, I’ve realized that doing landscape and wildlife photography is my dream in life, my calling if you will. Every time I go out on a photography adventure, I know I’m doing what I am supposed to do in life, and when the day ends, I can’t wait until the next time, the next adventure, the next photo. Every day, I look for opportunities to photograph life, build my portfolio, and in the end, bless other people with my work.

When I’m not out taking pictures, I love playing tennis, skiing, back-country hiking, interacting with family and being creative. An entrepreneur at heart, I am also a website and graphic designer, lumberjack, lawn care specialist, and high-ropes course park guide.

Thanks for visiting my website. If you have any questions or would like booking information, feel free to send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.

G-d Bless,
Sincerely – Clay Groot

Be adventurous. Be trusting. Be prayerful. Be a light in the darkness and don’t ever give up.